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Linux and USB 3.0


Ever get tired of Windows people proclaiming how their operating system has device support for this, that, and the other thing and Linux doesn't? Well, now you have a perfect come-back. The newest, fast interface, USB 3.0 is out and only Linux has native support for it.

Linux started supporting USB 3.0 in the September 2009 release of the 2.6.31 Linux kernel. Neither Windows 7 nor Snow Leopard currently supports USB 3. Windows support? That will have to wait for Windows 7 SP1 ---whenever that shows up...

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  • Andy Said:

    Hmm...yeah, and try to actually get it working...

  • Joe Said:

    hey dude! I am from year 2016. Here usb 3.0 still is not working, at least not on my ubuntu machine. hours of googling amounted to zero progress on this issue.

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