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Why Are Computer Hardware Vendors Such Snoopy Control-Freak Weirdos?

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Here we go again: the new Sony PS3 is smaller, sleeker, consumes less power, and looks like a nice little machine. Linux users have been hacking the PS3 in all kinds of ingenious ways:

    * Hacking the PS3 camera
    * How-To: Install Ubuntu On Your PS3 For Vintage Gaming Emulation
    * How to Turn Your PlayStation 3 Into a Linux PC
    * PS3Cluster Guide: 1.0
    * PS3 Media Server
    * Build an 8 PS3 supercomputer

But it seems that happy customers doing fun things with their own property that they purchased is too much of a cross for Sony to bear, so the new PS3 will not support other operating systems. Their reason...?



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