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GNOME Shell to Support a "Classic" Mode

GNOME developer Matthias Clasan has announced that, with the upcoming demise of "fallback mode," the project will support a set of official GNOME Shell extensions to provide a more "classic" experience. "And while we certainly hope that many users will find the new ways comfortable and refreshing after a short learning phase, we should not fault people who prefer the old way. After all, these features were a selling point of GNOME 2 for ten years!"

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  • Peter Williams Said:

    A glimmer of common sense but still a bit of arrogance re those who don't like having a mobile phone interface on their desktop.

  • turtaf Said:

    It took 1 year and a half to coming to listen to the users' request. Though, before saying the last word on Gnome shell usability, I'd like to have a look at it... Nevertheless in the same amount of period xfce developers filled the empty left by Gnome 2 in a very appreciable way, so I don't know if at this time there is any need for Gnome developers to take such step towards the users, after so much self confidence and reference... Cheers

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