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The year GNOMES, Ubuntu sufferers forked off to Mint Linux

It's been a rough year for Linux on the desktop. More specifically, it's been a rough year for GNOME-based Linux on the desktop. But a glimmer of hope may have appeared thanks to a Mint-flavoured distribution of the open-source operating system.

KDE, XFCE and other desktop interfaces soldiered on in 2012 in their stolid ways, while GNOME 3, Gnome Shell and Ubuntu's GNOME-derived Unity desktop largely succeeded in turning the Linux world upside down, though perhaps not in the way they intended.

This year marks the first time many GNOME users were forced to face up to the unpleasant realisation that the community does not directly control the direction of development. The GNOME team is in charge as is Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu.

To be a GNOME or Unity user today is to be a pawn in a larger fight for...Read more at The Register



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  • george Said:

    I still don't understand how people were able to move from Windows to Gnome2, from Symbian to iOS or Android, and they can't move from Gnome2 to Gnome 3. Frankly, after using Gnome 3 for a few weeks (Fedora 15 18 months ago), I found it way more productive than Gnome 2. I also use a MacBook, and find gnome3 and Mac quite similar (the launchpad and spotlight for example). But of course, who would dare to criticize Apple???

  • digitalattorney Said:

    I came over from Windows to Linux via Ubuntu/Unity. After I got through playing around with all the cool visual effects, and had to get to work, I lost interest in it. Uutnu just didn't cut it for me. The GUI was for too gooey to get used to, Trying to find out what programs I already had open by looking for some little elusive microscopic arrow next to an icon that I have no clue whether or not I opened it already - well, it was just a bit too much. That among other quirks. Having come over and begun on a Debian / Ubuntu foundation, I decided to stick with it rather than learn Arch commands and others. I moved on to try various other distros, but I landed for the moment with Bodhi on one machine and Linux Mint 13 on another. So I can definitely relate to this article.

  • Gustavo Parra Said:

    Like George, I think the same. Gnome 3 and Mac are similar and that I mentioned it to my brother who has a Mac that paid for upgrade. I think Gnome3 is higher than Unity and for that reason abandon Ubuntu. Now i use fedora

  • jetole Said:

    Does running Mint Cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.04 count? Last I looked Mint still suffered from lacking some basic options in their installer app such as installing onto a LVM2 on top of a Linux RAID, etc. Ubuntu doesn't do this with their main installer but they have an alternative installer ISO as well. Anyways, I like Ubuntu but can't wrap my mind around either Unity or Gnome Shell. Old dogs and new tricks and all that.

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