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The Impossible Quest for the Most Popular Linux Distro

Linux lacks any clear-cut system for determining which is the most popular or the best distribution, or which desktop environment is used more than others. That may be one of the major frustrations among Linux developers trying to spread the word about adopting the Linux desktop instead of Microsoft Windows or Apple's OS X. Linux, like the countless denominations of religions, is a product of technology, ideology and endless options. Unlike its competitors, the Linux OS is not sold. It just is available to those who know about it.


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  • ba7a7chy Said:

    I think it is quite clear Ubuntu is the most popular distro for desktop right now.

  • WozMySchnoz Said:

    I would say that the desktop picture is murky at best. There is strong evidence that Ubuntu may have been surpassed by at least Mint (which is admittedly Ubuntu-based), if not others recently. Check out Distrowatch's Page Hit Ranking list. This is not necessarily a direct measurement of usage, but certainly represents a fair gauge of interest in the various distros.

  • temps Said:

    Ubuntu is the top today but for tomorow nobody know and it is well

  • moondoggers Said:

    Bodhi Linux uses UBUNTU as a base to build from. They use Enlightemnent 17 as the desktop and man is it cool. Stable and easy to use no bloatware, no menu's filled with a gazilloin choices of software. Bodhi is bomb far above any other distro even Mint Linux which I was a big fan when they started, I left when they started messing around with decktop gui's. Seemed like they were changing things just for the sake of change. Gnome and KDE are nowhere near the elegance of Enlightenment. Many distro's use UBUNTA's base system and build from it, BODHI LINUX has a most elegant desktop using Enlightenment 17. Much better than the othe GUI'S GNOME and KDE. Try it you'll like it so much you won't go back.

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