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Windows XP Home Users Should Upgrade to Linux -- Not Windows 8.1

The Windows XP death clock is ticking away. While Microsoft has extended support for malware protection, do not be fooled -- XP will be officially unsupported on April 8. If Microsoft has its druthers, these XP users will upgrade to Windows 8 and maybe even buy a new computer.

However, there is a problem with this -- the Windows 8 UI is radically different from XP and people do not like change (especially people clinging to an operating system from 2001). Also, they may not need to buy a new computer, because their existing is probably fast enough... for Linux!

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  • Darlene Said:

    Okay, so I want to keep my old XP version computer, not because I do not like chane, but because the changes that usually get made are not logical (in my mind anyway). I have been wanting to change over to Linux, and my computer tech friend says it is a good OS. However, with most everything nowadays, there are so many versions or knock-offs. There in mint, Bantu or hoo-doo or whatever, and since I like to spend my time on things other than my computers OS, who and what do I switch too? I want Linux to run my system, however, I do not want to have to get my degree in computer engineering just to do so. Thank you, Darlene

  • Mike Said:

    Not really knock offs as much as its just different implementations. Personally, IMTpartial to OpenSUSE. They have a great ccommunity and are staying innovativeand giving back to the Open Source Community. I personally RPM distros easier. I don't like Apt or any Debian distro. There is of course a learning curve for Linux. But no where near what it was. I suggest the KDE desktop environment. It's the one you would find most familiar. I would definitely ask your friends for help and input and grab a book or read howtos. Also, be careful though with some Linux advocates. Make sure all the software you need will run under Linux or has an Open Source variant. WINE does not run everything. Consider going to Linux a lifestyle change. Look at every angle before changing if you want to get everything you can out of it.

  • Darlene Said:

    Thank you for the informtion Mike. I shall check out your suggestions. I will contact my friend about this also. Thank you

  • Jack Said:

    We've changed over to Mint Linux. Installed Comodo antivirus, as of PCI DSS environment, winetricks and playonlinux runs all of our good old XP softwares. This apt and rpm thing does not exist for me as update comes automatically and just clicks an done. Only one thing I could not make working was my Panasonic KX colour laser printer, 15 yo, but was massive, that's due to the manufacturer. Other than that everything works camera bridge, scanner, SD card reader, wacom, touchpad without installing any drivers.

  • jammer5 Said:

    I have to agree with mint. I use mint 16, and it's the best yet. For a newbie to Linux, mint's they best way to go. I'vs had no problems with any hardware, don't use any windows based software at all, and don't miss it. I did install WINE and winetricks just in case.

  • Who needs Linux Said:

    Change is important. You don't need fucking linux. Just use your old XP or upgrade to Windows 8 in fact you don't need linux all of these decisions are optional so ya. we're not forced to have linux.

  • Mike Said:

    I'll answers this troll. Change is important and no one is forChing Linux, but why should anyone be forced to Win 8?

  • Jack Said:

    Win 8 was slow like hell on old hardware. We could change all our PCs for 16000. Now we have nfs server, fax server, shared storage working much faster than the old active directory. All of that on old PCs.

  • Count Said:

    Fax server? What country you are in? Here in Poland there's just only a few less-than-resourceful companies that keep faxes. All others go e-mails (with scanned attachments if the need be). Regarding Linux vs XP I find Linux community very hermetic and hard to understand. Look againg at Linuxers' replies: cryptic lingo, spelling errors, grammatical errors - they feel desoriented and confused bunch, fuelled by the Win-hatred. Remember: a new PC, capable of Windows 8.1 costs only 4 tanks of petrol. If a company lacks such funds it's probably folding. anyway.

  • Archie Said:

    Win 8 the most unprotected os that microsoft ever made,i swiched to win 7 and it works perfectly for me.however,some day microsoft will stop support this os and users like me will have to use linux.The os which has the best from Mac os and windows.

  • Renata Said:

    A friend of mine who is Linux user told me that for my Sony Vaio (built 2001, I think) probably I won't find Linux device drivers. His tip for me is to buy a new PC.

  • ivoermejo Said:

    @Renata you can download a Linux live cd and try Linux without installing so you can see if is all ok or if Linux doesn't find some device drivers.

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