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How To Land A Spot In The Spotlight - Part I

Article Source Linux Journal
August 31, 2009, 6:32 pm

As we all know, OSCON provides a multitude of opportunities for those in the Open Source world to learn not just the ins and outs of what's new, but how to improve their projects on fronts ranging from code to documentation to community members. One such opportunity at this year's convention came in the form of a panel presentation on press relations, a subject that can be both touchy and treacherous where PR pros are scarce. As that's the business we're in, and our readership includes many in target audience, we thought it would be beneficial to pass on...

The panel in question, What Open Source Projects Need to Know About Interacting with the Press, boasted four presenters well-known in the field: Freelance journalist Esther Schindler, openSUSE Community Manager Joe Brockmeier, O'Reilly's James Turner, and Page One PR's Jennifer Cloer, who oversees public relations for the Linux Foundation. (The panel description also lists long-time tech journalist Steven Vaughan-Nichols, though Schindler's post does not.) According to Schindler, who recently wrote a summary of sorts about the presentation, the panel covered a variety of important items, from the perspective of both journalists and professional PR representatives...

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