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Studio DV, Open Octave, And More

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July 28, 2009, 10:00 am


Recently I profiled the latest LiVES video editing system, and in that article I mentioned that I intended to buy a camcorder for use with LiVES and other video editing software. Since then I purchased a Samsung SC-D382 midiDV recorder. Studio Dave is now on its way to becoming Studio DV.

My JAD box includes an integrated standard 6-pin IEEE1394 port. The camcorder takes a 4-pin connector. I bought an overpriced cable from Staples, hooked it up to the camera and the computer, then I fired up LiVES. I was pleased to discover that the FireWire interface worked perfectly out of the box. I loaded no drivers and made no adjustments to any configuration files. I plugged things in, turned on the camera, selected the Import From Device dialog from the File menu, and everything just worked. Sweet.


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