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How to convert YouTube videos to DivX or XviD

By Manolis Tzanidakis

Before starting the conversion you need to download the videos to your computer. Youtube-dl is the perfect tool for the job; check Joe Barr's article for more information. If you use Firefox you can also try the VideoDownloader extension. You will need a recent version of MPlayer with Mencoder built with support for Flash Video; if you can play the .flv videos with MPlayer you're good to go.

Now save the following lines as Make the file executable with chmod 755 and copy it in a directory in your PATH (/usr/local/bin is a good candidate):

#!/bin/shif [ -z "$1" ]; then  
echo "Usage: $0 {-divx|-xvid} list_of_flv_files"  
exit 1fi# video encoding bit rateV_BITRATE=1000while [ "$1" ]; 
do  case "$1" in    -divx)      MENC_OPTS="-ovc lavc -lavcopts 
\\        vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=$V_BITRATE:mbd=2:v4mv:autoaspect"
;; -xvid)
     MENC_OPTS="-ovc xvid -xvidencopts bitrate=$V_BITRATE:autoaspect"
;; *)
     if file "$1" | grep -q "Macromedia Flash Video"; then
       mencoder "$1" $MENC_OPTS -vf pp=lb -oac mp3lame 
\\          -lameopts fast:preset=standard -o 
\\          "`basename $1 .flv`.avi"      
        echo "$1 is not Flash Video. Skipping"      fi      
;; esac shiftdone

This script converts a list of .flv files to either DivX or XviD, depending on whether you give the -divx or -xvid option, and saves them with their original file name followed by the .avi extension. Usage is very simple: -divx first_vid.flv second_vid.flv etc.flv. For more information about the options used on the mencoder commands you can read its man page.

You might also want to create a video DVD with your favorite YouTube videos; check my previous article on the subject.



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