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Oracle Dishes on What Linux Can Learn From Unix

LinuxCon: With both a Linux distro and Sun Solaris in its grasp, Oracle offers some hints on how it plans to manage the two.

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Installing Linux Integration Services v2.1 Hyper-V R2 On CentOS 5

When installed on a virtual machine that is running a supported Linux operating system, Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V provides the following functionality...

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Apertus: The open source cinema project

The idea of creating a free (as in beer) and open cinema camera based on an Elphel 333 started in spring 2006 in the mind of a member of the DVinfo forum, who in March 2006 started a new thread called "High Definition with Elphel model 333 camera." A lot...

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KDE SC 4.5 final arrives

Following a one week delay, the KDE Project has released version 4.5 of the KDE Software Compilation, the latest major release of the popular Linux and Unix desktop...

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Use Maximus to Go Full-Screen in Ubuntu [Distractions]

Ubuntu's Netbook remix offers a one-app-at-a-time, no-border view that readers like Duane find very handy. You can get a similar no-menu, no-border effect by quickly installing the package "maximus" in the plain old Ubuntu Linux desktop. More »...

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Microsoft's IronRuby team ground down

A departure from Microsoft leaves the IronRuby team one man strong and questions being asked about the company's commitment to Ruby and Python on .NET...

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