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Admin Rights Key to Mitigating Vulnerabilities, Study Shows

By running users under standard, non-admin accounts, IT can prevent a very high percentage of Microsoft vulnerabilities from being exploited.

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Glances – An Advanced Real Time System Monitoring Tool for Linux

Earlier, we’ve written about many Linux System Monitor Tools that can be used to monitor performance of Linux systems, but we think that, most users prefer the default one that comes with every Linux distributions (top command). The top command is real time task manager in Linux and the most...

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Big Data Analytics: The Enterprise's Next Great Security Weapon?

The number of companies using big data analytics for at least one security or fraud detection use case will triple in the next two years, bringing some much-needed context to all the monitoring clutter.

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Wanted: Simple Apps for Complex Enterprise Applications

End-users want to see experiences similar to what they get from their smartphones. Can IT deliver?

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Death by 1,000 Breaches: SMBs, Customers Desperate for Adequate Security Tools

While high-profile incidents at Target and Neiman Marcus generate the most headlines and anxiety, small businesses and their customers remain the most vulnerable to security breaches – and also the most underserved.

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10 VsFTP (Very Secure File Transfer Protocol) Interview Questions and Answers

FTP stands for ‘File Transfer Protocol‘ is one of the most widely used and standard protocol available over Internet. FTP works in a Server/­Client architecture and is used to transfer file. Initially FTP client were command-­line based. Now most of the platform comes bundled with FTP... [[ This is a...

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