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Large Enterprises Purposely Build Walls Between Developers and Operators

DevOps encourages informal, spontaneous and collaborative connections between developers and computer operators. Everything that large organizations seek to reduce.

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Inside the Linux Foundation's AllSeen Alliance and the Internet of Things

If you read the technology press lately, odds are you already know about the launching of the AllSeen Alliance (a Google News search I just did produced 412 results in a wide range of languages). That's not a surprise, because this is an important and ambitious project. But there's a...

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Five Ways to Bring a More Social, Open Development Environment to Your Company

Based on the success and effectiveness of the open source community, development organizations are taking a close look at the methods used within the open source world to understand how they can apply internal development to further increase creativity and accelerate development. To facilitate widespread, collaborative development, the open source...

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If Microsoft Thinks Old Tor Clients are Risky, Why Not Windows XP?

Microsoft has been removing outdated Tor clients, stating that they pose a security threat, but if that's the case, what about other outdated software? Aren't they a threat too?

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Convirture Announces Easy-to-Use Hyper-V Management platform

Managing virtual machines and hypervisors can be a real pain. Managing multiple ones across multiple platforms is even worse Convirture is easing the headaches.

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IT Jobs Growth Rate Slows for 12th Consecutive Month

While the number of new US information technology jobs increased by 4.6 percent for all of last year, the tiny 0.03 percent improvement between November and December marked the 12th month in a row that the rate of new IT jobs decelerated.

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