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1. Debian or Ubuntu?
(CommunityAnswers / Distributions)
4. Getting a Dlink Driver to Work
(CommunityAnswers / Hardware)
...  Point Linux is a baby, barely a year old. It is based on Debian 7 and the MATE desktop, which was originally forked from GNOME 2. So it has a traditional system menu and panels-- nice and clean, ...
6. Distribution Release: Neptune 4.0
Leszek Lesner has announced the release of Neptune 4.0 (formerly known as ZevenOS "Neptune" edition), an updated release of the project's Debian-based distribution with KDE 4.13.2 as the default desktop. ...
7. Distribution Release: MakuluLinux 6.0
Jacque Raymer has announced the release of MakuluLinux 6.0 "KDE" edition, a Debian-based desktop distribution shipping with the very latest KDE desktop. Jacque Raymer has announced the release of MakuluLinux ...
... the popular desktop Linux distros had too many rough edges, so he built his own sleek distro based on Debian and KDE 3.1.2. New releases appeared every 6-12 months, and each release was more polished and ...
... a lasting impression.] “At university HPUX machines taught me trn. That begat Minix on a 286, which begat Slackware, which begat Debian, and finally I found Ubuntu.” - Stuart Langridge @Sil [This ...
10. How to Use the Super Fast i3 Tiling Window Manager on Linux
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... source tarballs or snag the latest code from the i3 git repository, but the easiest method is to install it from your distro repositories. On Debian/Ubuntu you have the i3 metapackage, and the individual ...
SolydXK started last March as the unofficial Linux Mint Debian Edition with KDE. Now less than a year later, they're starting to develop professional support and services for small to medium sized ...
... I use on my laptop and the build I used to run many of the examples in this article. I also have some packages for Debian ARM hardfloat. # yum install libferris-suite One strength of libferris is also ...
13. How to Customize the Star Wars Screensaver on Linux
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... BOFH excuses for fortune fortunes-debian-hints - Debian Hints for fortune fortunes-mario - Fortunes files from Mario fortunes-off - Data files containing offensive fortune cookies fortunes-spam ...
14. The Top 7 Best Linux Distros for 2014
... distros like Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Server, and all the rest from a common core and common repos, and the only distro with bigger repos is Debian, so you can almost always find what you want. ...
15. Distribution Release: MakuluLinux 4.0
Jacque Raymer has announced the release of MakuluLinux 4.0 "KDE" edition, a distribution and live CD featuring the KDE 4.11 desktop and based on Debian's "testing" branch: "MakuluLinux is proud to present ...
Two Linux distributions (Xfce and KDE), based on Debian Testing, with LMDE extras. Two Linux distributions (Xfce and KDE), based on Debian Testing, with LMDE extras. Read more at Enterprise Open ...
17. A Week With Korora 19.1 KDE
... I know: The naming convention is based on characters in “Finding Nemo” in the same way that Debian’s project names are based on “Toy Story” (or CrunchBang’s is based on “The Muppet Show”). It’s always ...
... and to survive accidental reboots. On Debian/Ubuntu/great-thundering-herd-of-spawn distros this is handled automatically: when you install OpenVPN it's configured to automatically start at boot. So, after ...
19. Distribution Release: Kwheezy 1.3
(DistributionCentral/Distribution News)
Euan Thoms has announced the release of Kwheezy 1.3, the latest update of the Debian-based distribution centred around the KDE desktop: "Version 1.3 is now available from the download page. This release ...
20. Distribution Release: Kwheezy 1.2
(DistributionCentral/Distribution News)
Euan Thoms has announced the release of Kwheezy 1.2, a Debian-based distribution with a pre-configured KDE desktop and a selection of software applications for everyday tasks: "Version 1.2 is now available ...
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