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Community Is Everything

For the community, by the community, strives to be the central source for informed, reasonable, and intelligent Linux information, software, documentation and answers across the server, desktop/netbook, mobile, and embedded areas.

The "By Community" phrase in this description is very genuine: we want users to feel as if they can contribute to the site from day one. This means more than just commenting on articles and other content (though we welcome that, too)--it means making connections with others, suggesting new content, helping us bring in or link to existing content, and joining the community as a blogger.

To get started, click Login to use or Register to get your free account. You will land on your Profile page in the Community section. From the Profile page, you can start your participation.

Add Content to

To submit an article to, log into and click the Submit an Article link.

On the Submit an Article page, you will find an easy-to-use editor that will allow you to enter a complete article on the site. After you have entered the Title and body of the article, click Save and the editorial staff will be notified of the article submission. After review and editing, we will post the article in the appropriate section of

While we will try to publish all articles submitted, there will be some articles that simply won't be ready to publish. Here are some guidelines to help make your articles more publishable. For more information, visit our Editorial Policy page.

  • Use English. Eventually we may make a multi-lingual site, but for now, please keep articles and other content in English.
  • Focus on a single idea. Instead of "how to use digital cameras," perhaps write "how to use application X to organize your photos."
  • Use a recipe format. After a little preliminary info, use numbered steps. Make the first sentence of the step the action and the second sentence the result.
  • Use graphics. Screenshots are good. Make sure no artwork is wider then 400 px wide.
  • A long, preformated line of text will break out of the main content column. Try to keep them short.
  • Try not to be redundant. Make sure the content is original and not reproducing a topic that is already posted on Duplicate topics that overlap too much will not be published, so check the site first before working on your content. Also, if you have an idea, e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it first. We'll let you know if any one else is planning on writing about that topic already, and give you some ideas on what else you could write about.
  • Tone down the foul language. You can say what you need to say without relying on cursing. In fact, your writing will be regarded as that much more creative.

With, The Linux Foundation is providing a framework for discussion and user generated information to expand the knowledge base of Linux information. Please note that articles, as well as any other user content on (such as blogs, directory content, forums, comments, etc.), do not reflect the views or endorsements of the Linux Foundation, its staff, or its members. We recognize there may be inaccurate information reflected in this site and that users should understand that something that appears  on does not mean the Linux Foundation has vetted or endorsed that content.

The Latest Info

The News section contains in-depth analysis and reports for software, hardware, embedded, business, and enterprise topics. It also contains the Featured Blogs from Linux community luminaries and Linux Foundation leaders.

Learn Linux

  • Answers: Something about Linux you can't quite figure out? Visit our Answers section to find answers to other user's questions or post your own!
  • Documentation: Remember those user manuals that came in the box of software? Most Linux software doesn't come in a box anymore, but that doesn't mean the manuals aren't around. Here's our collection of Linux documentation, which includes material from the Linux Documentation Project.
  • Tutorials: There are many tasks in Linux that every computer user needs to accomplish. How to print, how to surf the Web. In this section, find out how to do the simple and the sophisticated tasks in Linux.
  • Whitepapers: The Linux Foundation has a lot of knowledge under its belt, and is always researching Linux. Browse our library of publications to see what the Foundation has learned.
  • Careers/Training: Staying employed or getting employed. These can be real challenges. Get expert advice on how to stay current in your job with career advice and advanced training opportunities.

Get the 411

The directory is a user-contributed and -reviewed database of software applications that run on the Linux operating system; Linux-compatible hardware; and books, hosting, and other professional services in the Linux ecosystem.

The directory's listing are entered by users who share what they know about these items. What software is the best of its class? How do you get the drivers for that piece of hardware? These are all questions that the directory can answer. As time goes on, and the directory becomes more complete, it will be an invaluable resource for Linux users of all experience levels.



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  • Milond Cunningham Said:

    I lost the Documents folder from The Home files. The icon disappeared and I tried to click on the word documents on the left column. It wouldn't enter the folder. Then the word Documents disappeared. Is there a way to restore the Documents folder? It did not go to Trash. My son put Linux Mint on my computer and I have used it for some time and this is the first problem I have had. Thanks for any help you can give me. Milond Cunningham 2321 Nelson's Creek Drive, Omaha, NE 68116

  • George Said:

    Here is one place to start....

  • Dalton Said:

    Hello can someone guide me to the contact info of The Fedora Team? I need help with it. Can anyone help? I would appreciate it so much.

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