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This Week in Open Source News: Corda to Contribute to Hyperledger, Rowhammer Targets Android, and More

This week in Linux and open source news, R3 has made its blockchain platform’s code public, a newly identified vulnerability threatens Android phones, and...
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Chapeau Linux

Chapeau Is Exactly What the Linux Desktop Needs

The Linux desktop can be a confounding thing—always just on the cusp of perfection, but seemingly lacking one small detail or another. Granted, nearly every...
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OpenStack cloud

Managing OpenStack with Open Source Tools

To manage an OpenStack cloud infrastructure, you need to manage the configuration of the individual cloud services and the orchestration between them. Because...
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How To Build A Strong Security Awareness Program

My work as director of the Security Awareness Training program at the SANS Institute affords me a view across hundreds of organizations and hundreds of...
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Increasing Diversity is not Just the Duty of the Marginalized

Increasing diversity in the technology industry is something that has gone from discussion to action in recent years. In 1985, 37 percent of computer science...
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How Security Flaws Work: SQL Injection

SQL injection attacks exist at the opposite end of the complexity spectrum from buffer overflows, the subject of our last in-depth security analysis...
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Microservices Ecosystem Transit Map

Microservices architecture has reached a tipping point where its broad adoption is now pretty much guaranteed. According to a survey by NGINX, nearly a...
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