August 8, 2018

how do i install linux os

mozilla was ez but linux is hard.

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Get free LINUX support

Mint LMDE 3:

Debian 9:

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Welcome to Linux WAVERLYS :) There are many Linux versions to choose from


Mint LMDE 3
If you are new to Linux. You might be interested to start with an easier to install and easier to use Linux. Such as Linux Mint (LMDE 3) with GNOME. Installation instructions are at

After installing Mint, this video show how to use it at


Debian 9

If you concider yourself an advanced user, you might be insterested in Linux Debian 9 with GNOME. Installation instructions are at

Video about how to install Debian 9 at


Linux Mint LMDE is based on Debian. Both Linux Mint or Debian are owned and supported by a friendly communcity. Without interference from a for-profit corporation. Enjoy :)

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