August 3, 2018

Should i buy Dell with linux OS for gaming?

I want to know how many users bought a MSI gaming laptop, I wanted to play games. Also, my budget is low that's why I am going MSI gaming laptops are fun. I have played in gaming setup on MSI laptop loved that Laptop.
I am also thinking about the console for gaming (PS4 of course) & creating my own gaming room with proper gaming chair, headset, Razor keyboard & wireless mouse. I was checking for console chairs, came across this: Out of these which one would you suggest for beginner who is playing for live stream. I would love to know your brains on this.

Answer to the question

In short , it depends. 

Although there are many Linux capatible and even native games out there, if you are expecting all the latest PC games to load up and run,  you'll be sadly disappointed. I actually prefer console games and leave the rest of my computing to Linux.

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