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5 Open Source Technology Trends for 2018

Technology is evolving faster than the speed of light. Well, not quite, but you get the picture. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, OpenStack, progressive web apps – they are all set to make an impact this year. You might be accustomed to navigating your forex trading platform or building a...
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The race to the “best ever ever ever framework” in JavaScript slowed down recently and the focus is more on tools or features around popular frameworks.

JavaScript Trends for 2018

Trying to bet on how many new JavaScript frameworks will be released each month, is, the best software engineer’s game in the past 5 years. Something interesting since last year: The race to the “best ever ever ever framework” in JavaScript slowed down and the focus is more on tools or features...
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Splice Hooking for Unix-Like Systems

Hooking is a powerful programming technique for monitoring software behavior or extending functionality without altering the original code. The idea is to intercept certain events or system calls and use them to initiate your own custom code. gui-2311260_1280.png Hook...
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Overcoming Challenges When Building Great Global Communities

Global open source communities often face language barriers, cultural differences, and other challenges. Here's how to overcome them. Global communities: 3 common challenges Anyone who's ever worked in a group knows that differences of opinion can be difficult to overcome. In online communities,...
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After 26 years, Linux is still essential and growing, and new technologies are growing beyond Linux into the broader open source landscape.

Linux, Open Source, and Beyond

Linux is 26 years old, and look what happened in those 26 years: everything. Now what? Linux is both shrinking and expanding. Cloudy Linux Cloud is a perfect metaphor for Linux. Once upon a time the Linux world was small, with well-defined boundaries, and populated by fierce partisans. Linux was...
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LiFT scholarships
Read about the Women in Open Source and Developer Do Gooders who received LiFT scholarships to help them further their work.

LiFT Scholarship Winners Put Linux Skills to Work Helping Others

Marie Drottar, 62, of the United States, is one of two recipients of the 2017 Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarships in the Women in Open Source category. The LiFT scholarships provide advanced training in open source to existing and aspiring IT professionals globally.  marie_drottar.jpg...
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4 Successful Open Source Business Models to Consider

When I first discovered open source, the idea of building a business around it seemed counterintuitive. However, as I grew more familiar with the movement, I realized that open source software companies were not an anomaly, rather a result of the freedoms open source offers. As GNU project founder...
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Open source marketing is about capturing very scarce attention and resources in a very crowded environment.

How to Market an Open Source Project

The widely experienced and indefatigable Deirdré Straughan presented a talk at Open Source Summit NA on how to market an open source project. Deirdré currently works with open source at Amazon Web Services (AWS), although she was not representing the company at the time of her talk. Her experience...
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Why Linux HDCP Isn't the End of the World

Recently, Sean Paul from Google's ChromeOS team, submitted a patch series to enable HDCP support for the Intel display driver. HDCP - or High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection to its parents - is used to encrypt content over HDMI and DisplayPort links, which can only be decoded by trusted...
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Asynchronous Decision-Making: Helping Remote Teams Succeed

Asynchronous decision-making is a strategy that enables geographically and culturally distributed software teams to make decisions more efficiently. In this article, I'll discuss some of the principles and tools that make this approach possible. Synchronous decision-making, in which participants...
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