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What's the Point? Adventures with Pointers in C

Abbott: What’s the point? Costello: I know the point, but where does it point to?!? Abbott: What compiler are you running? Costello: Don’t act surprised, my name’s not compiler, and I’m walking, not running. Do I look like I’m in a hurry? It’s too bad Abbott and Costello aren’t alive today. I’m...
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5 Essential Skills for Becoming a Mobile Application Developer on Linux

As more and more people rely on their cellphones for conducting all kinds of business, mobile app development will only continue to increase in importance. Although they share quite a few similarities with desktop applications, mobile apps present their own set of challenges and particularities....
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NPM or Yarn? Node.js Devs Pick Their Package Manager

Mere months since it was open-sourced by Facebook, Yarn has NPM on the run. The upstart JavaScript package manager has gained a quick foothold in the Node.js community, particularly among users of the React JavaScript UI library. Known for faster installation, Yarn gives developers an improved...
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How to Integrate Video Streaming Into Your C or C++ Application Using Nex Gen Media

The Nex Gen Media Server is a small-footprint shared library that allows users to easily build video media and telephony applications. It supports several popular streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP and Apple's HTTP Live, and can capture live video streams and adapt them so they can be received...
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Master C++ Programming with Open-Source Books

Books are very personal and subjective possessions. And programming books are no exception. But regardless of their style, focus, or pace, good C++ programming books take the reader on a compelling journey, opening eyes to the capabilities of the language, and showing how it can be used to build...
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Scripting IoT
At the upcoming Embedded Linux Conference + OpenIoT Summit, Paul Sokolovsky will discuss some of the challenges of using scripting languages in embedded development.

Using Scripting Languages in IoT: Challenges and Approaches

Scripting languages (aka Very High-Level Languages or VHLLs), such as Python, PHP, and JavaScript are commonly used in desktop, server, and web development. And, their powerful built-in functionality lets you develop small useful applications with little time and effort, says Paul Sokolovsky, IoT...
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PHP vs. Node.js: An Epic Battle for Developer Mind Share

...PHP and JavaScript, two partners who once ruled the internet together but now duke it out for the mind share of developers. In the old days, the partnership was simple. JavaScript handled little details on the browser, while PHP managed all the server-side tasks between port 80 and MySQL. It was...
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Python Programming Basics With Examples

Python is a popular and a powerful scripting language that can do everything — web crawling, networking tools, scientific tools, Raspberry PI programming, web development, video games, and much more. With Python programming, you can do even do system programming regardless of the platform you are...
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Node for Java Developers

The biggest audience for my Node.js workshops, courses and books (especially when I’m teaching live) is Java developers. You see, it used to be that Java was the only language professional software developers/engineers had to know. Not anymore. Node.js as well as other languages like Go, Elixir,...
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The Most Popular JavaScript Front-End Tools

Choosing a development tool based on its popularity isn’t a bad idea. Popular tools are usually more stable, and they often have more resources and community support than less popular tools. Developer satisfaction is another key indicator of a good tool, and for the JavaScript ecosystem, I'm going...
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