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Metaphors We Compute By

A well-known unattributed quote (often misattributed to Charles Baker) is, "To program is to write to another programmer about our solution to a problem."2 A program is an explanation of how a problem might be solved; it's a metaphor that stands in place of a person's understanding. For metaphors...
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Node.js Emerging as the Universal Development Framework for a Diversity of Applications

Last year and at the beginning of this year, we asked you, Node.js users, to help us understand where, how and why you are using Node.js. We wanted to see what technologies you are using alongside Node.js, how you are learning Node.js, what Node.js versions you are using, and how these answers...
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Should the ‘KEG’ Stack Replace the LAMP Stack?

For years, the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl) has been an oasis for developers looking to build modern apps without getting locked into the desert of some big vendor’s ecosystem. It’s a convenient, widely used open-source framework that makes application architecture easy for...
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Top Programming Languages 2017: Focus on Jobs

While the default IEEE Spectrum ranking in the Top Programming Languages interactive gives a good aggregate signal of language popularity, here we are taking a deep dive into the metrics related to job demand. Two of our data sources, Dice and CareerBuilder, measure job openings for the languages...
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Front end tooling simplified
This article looks at the revolution in JavaScript development over the past few years.

A Modern Day Front-End Development Stack

Application development methodologies have seen a lot of change in recent years. With the rise and adoption of microservice architectures, cloud computing, single-page applications, and responsive design to name a few, developers have many decisions to make, all while still keeping project...
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Analyzing GitHub, How Developers Change Programming Languages over Time

Have you ever been struggling with an nth obscure project, thinking: “I could do the job with this language but why not switch to another one which would be more enjoyable to work with”? In his awesome blog post: The eigenvector of “Why we moved from language X to language Y." Erik Bernhardsson...
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Keynotes for Node.js Interactive Focus on the Future of the Platform

From October 4–6 developers, software architects, engineers, and community organizers will gather in Vancouver, British Columbia for Node.js Interactive — an event hosted by the Node.js Foundation. The conference features keynotes, presentations and workshops that are aimed to help Node.js users...
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9 Cutting-Edge Programming Languages Worth Learning Now

The big languages are popular for a reason: They offer a huge foundation of open source code, libraries, and frameworks that make finishing the job easier. This is the result of years of momentum in which they are chosen time and again for new projects, and expertise in their nuances grow...
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DevOps: More Than Automation

Type “devops” into any job search site today and the overwhelming majority of results will be for some variation of “DevOps Engineer”. The skills required will centre on tools like Puppet/Chef/Ansible, AWS/Azure, scripting in Python/Perl/Bash/PowerShell etc. Essentially, they’ve taken a deployment...
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Why Enterprises Are Using Node.js for Digital Transformation

As consumers adopt and demand things more quickly, it is essential to have a fluid and quick software development process that will allow businesses to give customers new and different digital experiences. According to a recent Forrester report, Digital Transformation Using Node.js: This Swiss Army...
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