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Lab 19.2 | QuotaCheck Issues

Dear All, I ran into this issue while performing lab 19.2 task-2 2. Initialize quotas on the new filesystem, and then turn the quota checking system on. Change /etc/fstab to usrquota $ sudo mount -o remount /mnt/tempdir; upon remounitng, it showed an error that the device is busy and already...
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Apache Virtual host site is very slow on https but fast on http

Backgroud: I have a multiple virtual host site setup on two webservers behind an ELB. Each virtual host site has an ssl certificate and key(domain.key,domain.bundle.crt) under /etc/httpd/ssl. There is also a Route53 setup which direct the traffic to my ELB and the to these webservers. Issue: I have...
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Hi. Is it possible to make my Aspire ES 14 to a linux pc?

Hi. Is it possible to make my Aspire ES 14 to a linux pc? it has a 2 GB ddr3 L memmory, and 32GB eMMc SS Harddisk. i cant upgrade it to windows 10 new sourses.. the model is a ACER ES1-431-C49Y (acer es 14)
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Can we log reboot comment in Linux

Suppose multiple users and admins are using the server and i want to reboot the server for some reason, can i log that reboot reason in log messages. so that if anybody check the log can understand the situation
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Trying to login to the physical server SCO Open server 5.0

I don't have the credentials for root in SCO Open server 5.0 Is there any way to break the login ? as I am trying to virtualise this server in vm. or is there any way to take the harddisk out of the physical machine and back itup or make it virtualise from there ? Could anyone please help with...
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how to access MySql Server from any work station (windows and others) ?

I Already install and configure MySql Server in ubuntu,MySql Running in Ubuntu , but i cant access database/connect MySql from work station. work station operating system is windows.
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Can't see top and side menus when I set the resolution to 1920

I connect to a TV with HDMI and when I set the resolution to the top 1920 resolution, the top menus and the sidebar disappear. How can I get the resolution and also the menus?
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Ubuntu 16.04 server auto enter root shell in recovery mode

I wanted to leverage the "recovery mode", which allows me to enter root shell without creating any normal user accounts. When it automatically enters "recovery", a second menu appears and I have to scroll down to choose "Drops to root shell" to get to prompt console....
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Will Linux replace my Windows Vista program?

I have a Toshiba laptop computer and it currently has Windows Vista on it. If I were to install Linux will it get rid of the Vista?
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