January 30, 2012

I want to learn Linux. I'm 80 and plan to purchase a new computer and don't want W7

I understand I need to find a "Penguin" and join a LUG". Would appreciate any help you can offer.

Hello Bob, i completely understand you`re reluctance in using Windows. As i...

Hello Bob, i completely understand you`re reluctance in using Windows. As i understand it, you have an older pc available. If this is true and that pc is bootable i suggest that you begin by looking over several of the more easy to use versions of linux and burn these to disk as live cd`s. Boot your older system from one of these disk. As you may be aware you can totally run the pc and do virtually anything you need to without affecting the contents of the hard drive. I have even ran a system from one of these disk without a hard drive installed. Now take your time and get to know Linux. It really is not as hard as many people think it is. I have installed it on systems for people who really did not notice the difference between it and there old Windows install. Other than the fact that the system was not crashing, was not a virus magnet and did not slow to a crawl as time progressed. These are just a few of the advantages you will come to love and enjoy as you use Linux. Here is another advantage that i find most comforting at times. People are not so apt to want to use your system when they find out you are a Linux user. Linux intimidates i guess. This is not to say that Linux is a perfect system, i do not think there is one in existence, but Linux in my opinion is so close. If you do do chose this route, there are many places to assist you as you learn, and most are free. You Tube has some very interesting videos from people that do nothing but post tutorial videos. Spatry, is a good source for many things Linux and if you are the type that enjoys the command line, Metalx1000 is a great source as well. Distro choices you may consider are Linux Mint, and Zorin OS. If you have an older system with not much memory....Less than 1 ghz you may want to try Puppy Linux. There are also podcast devoted to Linux. Going Linux rates very high as do the Linux Action Show, Mintcast and others. All are great. As far as publications go, i find Linux Format easy to read and full of useful information for the newbie as well as the more advanced user. All in all, if you take it in stride and use some of the suggestions that i and others have made you will find that in no time you to will be Linux efficient. I hope this helps.

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Hey Bob,...

Hey Bob,
I think it's awesome that you want to learn Linux. I would suggest looking at a couple of different vendors that sell preloaded linux computers. I personally like www.system76.com , but dell also offers linux preloaded on some of their computers. As for a "penguin" that's just the mascot for linux, and a "LUG" stand for "linux users group". Depending on where you're located you might have a local LUG near your area, and you can usually find really good help in your local LUG.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Bob, I went through this several years ago, so let me answer as one...

Hi Bob, I went through this several years ago, so let me answer as one senior to another.

Linux is fun and I find it altogether satisfactory for what I do, including my digital photography. I have Windows7 here but I do not use it very much other than to help other members of the family.

1. Pick an easy to install, widely used Linux distro. I started with Ubuntu. You might select that or Linux Mint 12. If you have recent hardware the 64 bit variant probably will run just fine, if not play safe and install the 32 bit system. There are no great differences in how they perform.

2. Spend time on the forum in the section for new users. No need to post at first, just get a sense of what people are talking about.

3. I found Brian Ward's How Linux Works to be a good over-view. O'Reilly also publishes some good stuff. The blizzard of Linux commands is daunting but the cli is really useful! You might find Scott Granneman's Linux Phrasebook handy to have around.

4. Then you just start doing what you do with your computer. When you get stuck try to do your homework. If that does not succeed just post here or on the user forum for your distribution. Use a title that gives readers some idea of your difficulty. Tell them what version of the distro you are running, what the problem seems to be and what you already have done to address it. Somebody will come back with a suggestion and off you go.

Have fun and good luck!

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You need to download any linux ISO image and burn it....

You need to download any linux ISO image and burn it.
After that you can load it into your PC and automatically install it
or you can read a lot of linux setup issues and do it in the text interface

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There r several Linux distro that can do the same tasks as a general user...

There r several Linux distro that can do the same tasks as a general user wants. Also there r many distro that can grab as free like OpenSuse / Fedora(as leading OS). If the cost is no matter then u can go for Suse Linux Desktop 11. And hope this is for ur personal works so server ver is not required here, although u can go for Fedora / CentOs / Debian Linux. See here for HW compatibility: www.control-escape.com/linux/lx-hwcompat.html and www.control-escape.com/linux/lx-hwcompat.html.

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