May 1, 2018

Linux support in Seattle, WA

I live in Microsoft country but am tired of Windows 10. Have heard some good things about Linux.
Where can I look at Linux loaded computers, learn more 'hands on' in the Seattle Area?
Of the many Linux operating systems which is the simplest one to start with?

Answer to the question

I do not know where you can look at Linux loaded computers in person in Seattle.  You can learn a lot about Linux on YouTube.  I like the videos by Joe Collins. 

You can boot up to Linux using a USB stick or a DVD.  You can run the Live Media part of Linux, which is like a "try before you buy" scenario.  It runs from the bootable USB or DVD.  You can browse the web from it, create documents from it, and even connect to a printer and print a document from it.  Once you like what you see, you can then install it.

Beginner friendly Linux distributions include the ones based on Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support).  I use and recommend Linux Lite.  Since you're new, I think you'd appreciate their documentation seen here:

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