September 20, 2012

Mobile Broadband software failing to install

I´m using Ubuntu 11.10 on a Dell vostro 1520 laptop. I am trying to connect internet via Orange Mobile Broadband using their dongle (Hauwei E3131s-2 Mob BB USB Stick PM bit).
On inserting the dongle a ¨My Broadband window with 9 icons appears. There is an button in top message bar of this window. It also says the medium has been detected as ¨UNIX Software¨¨ . I click on the button, and try to run the program . No luck, an eror message box says,¨Cannot find the Autorun program.
The relevant lsusb output shows:
Bus 002: Device 004: ID 12d1:1f01 Huawei Tecchnologies Co., Ltd.
My laptop is dual booted with Windows Vista but the mobile broadband connects with no problem here.
I have connected some weeks ago with a Vodafone dongle in Ubuntu, no problem connecting at all.To prevent any conflicts with the previously installed vodafone driver and Orange, I deleted the Vodafone driver. However, I am not sure if there are any files left over from the Vodafone driver that´s causing this problem. Your help appreciated

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