December 5, 2011

Which PCI Express firewire cards are Linux supported?

I am building a Shuttle SH67H3. It has three expansion slots: (1) PCI-E X16 slot, (1) PCI-E X1 slot (mechanically compatible with PCI-E x4 card), and (1) Mini-PCIE socket. I am hoping to be able to connect an older Sony camcorder via firewire (with a 1394a terminus) by means of installing a PCI-E card into one of the expansion slots. I see NewEgg offers only two cards that support the Linux operating system (I will be installing Ubuntu 10.04.3). Those two cards are a StarTech 3 Port 2b 1a 1394 Mini PCI Express FireWire Card Adapter (Model MPEX1394B3) or a StarTech Add-On Card Model (PEX1394B3LP). But they are the most expensive cards! First of all, am I on the right track, and secondly are there any other options or card choices that are not so pricey?

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