March 7, 2016

20 rocking Things to do after installing Fedora 23

Make Fedora 23 better
So you have just installed Fedora 23 on your machine and looking for some great experience.
This post shows you how to tweak your Fedora system and install additional apps to make your system more useful and user friendly.
This includes installing must have utility apps, enhancing multimedia support on the support, and tweaking some settings.
1. Setup good DNS servers
To ensure un-interrupted network connectivity while surfing internet it is very important to use dns service like GoogleDNS or OpenDNS
On my system for example the dnf command failed again and again as it was not able to connect to due to dns issues.
Simply click the network icon on top right panel and go to the connection settings dialog. Under the DNS tab specify the dns servers and
Then run the following command to restart the network
$ sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
2. Update the system
The first thing to do is update your system with the latest version of all packages. This is simple, just run the following command and sit back till it finishes.
$ dnf upgrade
It will update all installed packages to their latest versions, so will take time.

3. Install Gnome tweak tool
After updating the system, its time to...

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20 rocking Things to do after installing Fedora 23

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