February 29, 2016

30 smashing Things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.10

Ubuntu 15.10
After installing Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) there are few things you need to do to make it even better. These include installing updates, some configuration tweaks and essential programs.
This post shows you simple steps on how to tweak your fresh Ubuntu system for an improved desktop experience.
1. Setup some good dns servers
Setup dns servers like Google DNS or OpenDNS. These are the best dns servers and make your internet connection fast and free from dns related issues.
Click the network connection icon on top panel and configure the active connection with the following dns servers -
Then disable the connection and enable it again for the new settings to take effect.
2. Enable Canonical partner repo
Search the dash for "Software" and launch the icon name "Software & Updates". Go to the tab "Other Software" and enable the checkbox for "Canonical Partners".
Ubuntu Canonical partners repository
This will enable the canonical partners repo which contains packages for Adobe flash player and Skype.
3. Update your system
Download all updates available from the software repositories to ensure that your system is uptodate.
Launch Unity Dash and search for Software. Find the icon named "Software Updater" and run it.
Alternatively you can do the same thing from the terminal. Simply...

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30 smashing Things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.10

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