March 18, 2014

6 quick tools to monitor system resources on Linux

Monitor server resources
System administrators need to monitor their server to ensure proper functioning. The practice enables administrators to detect possible issues in advance and recover the system, before it causes any trouble.
There are plenty of commands on Linux to monitor different system resources like cpu usage, memory usage, network, disk usage and so on. Popular ones are top, htop, iostat, nethogs etc.
In this post we are talking about simple command line tools that can monitor multiple system resources like cpu, memory, network, disk, processes etc all together in a real-time and interactive manner. These tools present a whole lot of statistical information on a single screen that is constantly updated.
1. Top
The Top command is the most popular tool to check the cpu and memory utilization processwise. It shows a sorted list of processes with the most resource intensive processes on the top.
Along with the process list it also shows cpu and memory usage.

Press 'h' while top is running, to display the help page.
2. Htop
This is your all time favorite tool. Similar to top, but much refined and carries a load of extra features along with a very good looking user interface. It is not installed by default, but is available...

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6 quick tools to monitor system resources on Linux

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