April 18, 2014

Benchmark graphics card (GPU) performance on Linux with glmark

Graphics performance - measure it
Recently when I added a new nvidia graphics card to one of my desktops, I was curious to measure and compare the power of this graphics card with whatever it was before.
One way to do this is with benchmark tools which would run a series of "drawing" tests to measure the graphics processing capacity of the hardware. In simple terms, GPUs that can process and render more images/graphics per unit time (frames per second), are more powerful.
Glmark - the benchmark tool
On Linux there are not many tools for benchmarking GPUs, and after spending quite some time on google, I came across this little tool called glmark. It is developed by Linaro.
Glmark runs a series of tests, rendering different kinds of 2D and 3D graphics and animations on the screen and then measures the output performance in terms of FPS (frames per second). It then averages out the fps across all the tests to calculate a score for the gpu.
Not very sure, but the best guess is, that this score is a relative measure of how capable the graphics processing unit of your machine is. Comparing it with the score of other machines should give a...

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Benchmark graphics card (GPU) performance on Linux with glmark

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