April 6, 2014

Check hardware information on Linux with hwinfo command

The hwinfo command is a very handy command line tool that can be used to probe for details about hardware components. It reports information about most hardware units like cpu, hdd controllers, usb controllers, network card, graphics cards, multimedia, printers etc.
Hwinfo depends on the libhd library to gather hardware information which depends on libhal.

Hwinfo is available in the repositories of Ubuntu and Debian.
# ubuntu, debian
$ sudo apt-get install hwinfo
To install Hwinfo on Fedora follow this post

Using hwinfo
The help information explains how to use it
$ hwinfo --help
Usage: hwinfo
Probe for hardware.
--short just a short listing
--log logfile write info to logfile
--debug level set debuglevel
--version show libhd version
--dump-db n dump hardware data base, 0: external, 1: internal
--hw_item probe for hw_item
hw_item is one of:
all, bios, block, bluetooth, braille, bridge, camera, cdrom, chipcard,
cpu, disk, dsl, dvb, fingerprint, floppy, framebuffer, gfxcard, hub,
ide, isapnp, isdn, joystick, keyboard, memory, modem, monitor, mouse,
netcard, network, partition, pci, pcmcia, pcmcia-ctrl, pppoe, printer,...

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Check hardware information on Linux with hwinfo command

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