January 10, 2014

Collectl is a powerful tool to monitor system resources on Linux

Monitoring system resources
Linux system admins often need to monitor system resources like cpu, memory, disk, network etc to make sure that the system is in a good condition. And there are plenty of commands like iotop, top, free, htop, sar etc to do the task. Today we shall take a look at a tool called collectl that can be used to measure, monitor and analyse system performance on linux.
Collectl is a nifty little program that does a lot more than most other tools. It comes with a extensive set of options that allow users to not only measure the values of multiple different system metrics but also save the data for later analysis. Unlike other tools, which are designed to measure only a specific system parameter, collectl can monitor different parameters at the same time and report them in a suitable manner.
From the project website ...
Unlike most monitoring tools that either focus on a small set of statistics, format their output in only one way, run either interatively or as a daemon but not both, collectl tries to do it all. You can choose to monitor any of a broad set of subsystems which currently include buddyinfo, cpu, disk, inodes,...

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Collectl is a powerful tool to monitor system resources on Linux

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