August 4, 2011

Dropbox, not exactly single sign on but useful anyways

In our house we have one PC running Fedora 15 and one laptop also running Fedora 15. Up until now the laptop has been my machine only, no kids allowed but I am really sick of frying nuts off on the sofa and want to get some serious stuff done which would be better suited to a PC. Problem with the PC is that the kids always want on it, solution, create them accounts on the laptop, job done? No!

Even with accounts for the kids I was still getting nagged because none of their stuff (minecraft saves) were n the laptop. No problem, copied them over, easy as, but the next issue then was synchronizing those minecraft saves. I was considering flushing them through to a little HP Microserver running Ubuntu Server 10.10 but did not have the time, enter Dropbox. I saw this somewhere else but forget where but quite simply via cli in the dropbox directory:

ln -s /home/annoying_kid_name/.minecraft/saves mcsaves

So now it does not matter if the kids log into the PC or the laptop, Dropbox keeps the minecraft saves current on both machines :-)

This works great for other application settings to, I do the same thing for Getting Things Gnome and am busy thinking up other stuff to sync just for the sake of it.

It is hardly single sign on but it works, I do miss the off line files feature of Windows Server!

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