March 13, 2014

Glances gives a quick overview of system usage on Linux

Monitor your Linux system
As a Linux sysadmin it feels great power when monitoring system resources like cpu, memory on the commandline. To peek inside the system is a good habit here atleast, because that's one way of driving your Linux system safe. Plenty of tools like Htop, Nmon, Collectl, top and iotop etc help you accomplish the task. Today lets try another tool called Glances.
Glances is a tool similar to that has a very compact display to provide a complete overview of different system resources on just a single screen area. It does not support any complex functionality but just gives a brief overview CPU, Load, Memory, Network rate, Disk IO, file system, process number and details.
As a bonus, glances is actually cross platform, which means you can use it on obsolete OSes like windows :P.
Here's a quick glimpse of it.

The output is color highlighted. Green indicates optimum levels of usage whereas red indicates that the particular resource is under heavy use.
$ glances -v
Glances version 1.6 with PsUtil 0.6.1
Project homepage
The man page description
Glances is a free (LGPL) curses-based monitoring tool which aims to present a maximum of information in a minimum of space,...

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Glances gives a quick overview of system usage on Linux

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