April 17, 2015

How to compile and install wxWidgets on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

wxWidgets is an application development framework/library that allows developer to make cross platform GUI applications for Windows, Mac and Linux using the same codebase.
Its primarily written in C++ but has bindings for other languages as well like Python, Perl and Ruby.
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to compile and build wxwidgets 3.0+ on Debian based linux systems like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.
Compiling wxWidgets from source is not at all difficult as it might sound and takes only a few minutes to do.
The library can be compiled in different modes like static library or dynamic library.
1. Download wxWidgets
The first step would be to download the wxWidgets source files from wxwidgets.org
Once done, extract the files to a directory.
2. Setup build environment
To compile wxwidgets we would need some utility programs including the C++ compiler on Linux called g++. And all of it would be installed from the repositories using apt-get.
We also need the GTK development libraries which wxWidgets depend on.
$ sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev build-essential checkinstall
The utility called checkinstall would allow us to create an installation package for wxwidgets, so that later on it can un-installed easily using package managers
3. Compile wxWidgets
Get inside the directory where wxWidgets...

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How to compile and install wxWidgets on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

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