June 2, 2009

How You Can Protect Linux and Get YourName@Linux.com

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June 2, 2009, 1:57 pm

Since we launched the Linux Foundation, I’ve been amazed at the passion and willingness to help of Linux users worldwide. This out-pouring of support especially is evident when Linux seems threatened — by a lawsuit, attack by a company, or a combination of the two.  It’s clear that Linux users do not take Linux for granted. In the last six months, we have thought long and hard how to best harness this passion and provide an outlet for this support.

While we  have had an individual membership program since the launch of the Linux Foundation, it’s been somewhat limited in both its impact and the benefits it gives to users. Starting tomorrow that will change. We will announce an expanded individual membership program that will help us promote and protect Linux while delivering tangible advantages to those who wish to support the Linux community’s cause. Most notably, members will receive their own linux.com email address that will showcase to the world — and potential employers — their support for Linux.

Your support goes a long way in enhancing, promoting and protecting Linux for generations to come. But your membership also will connect you with the information, tools and events needed to advance your career and stay current with the platform. We realize altruism only goes so far, so the membership pays for itself with just the LinuxCon, training or O’Reilly discount below. (Your employer may even pay for your membership given the savings on events and training.)

Linux Foundation Benefits

  • Your own Linux.com email address with forwarding service. Since this is a new service, new users will have a chance to grab a nice alias. (Well, amanda at linux dot com is taken already.)
  • A weekly Linux.com ‚ÄúBriefing Book‚Äù with news, technical tips, and analysis to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • 30% off of Linux Foundation LinuxCon 2009 standard registration fees.
  • 20% Discount on registration fees for Linux Foundation Training. This can save you (or your company) a lot of money.
  • A Free Linux Foundation T-shirt so we can showcase your OS of choice at your next company meeting (or at the grocery store, the beach, Presidential news conferences, the Super Bowl, etc.)

Partner Discounts

  • 35% of O‚ÄôReilly Books and E-Books
  • 20% Off O‚ÄôReilly‚Äôs Open Source Convention (OSCON)
  • 35% of No Starch Press Publications
  • 15% off Subscription to Linux Journal
  • 15% off Neuros Technologies NeurosLink. The Neuros LINK allows you to watch internettv (Hulu, Youtube) as well as downloads on your TV using Linux.
  • 50% off Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)
  • $10 off every $40 order on Thinkgeek (excluding shipping and taxes)

We hope this program is useful to you, and that you see supporting the promotional, education and protection programs of the Linux Foundation a worthwhile cause. From the legal defense fund, to Linux.com, to our fellows program (currently employing Linus Torvalds), we think these programs are enhancing and protecting Linux now and for future generations. We hope you agree.

To sign up as a member, please visit http://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/join/individual/join

If you have feedback feel free to email me at amanda at linux dot com.

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