November 18, 2013

Install MariaDB on CentOS 6.4

MariaDB MariaDB is the community developed fork of Mysql and is a great alternative to it. Its free and open source and is developed by the original developers of mysql. MariaDB is much superior to mysql in terms of features. Check out the comparison between mariadb and mysql. And the best thing is, that its a drop-in replacement for mysql, which means that just install mariadb in place of mysql and all you mysql based applications would run with it the same way. All commands and drivers work the same way. Existing php mysql applications would run the same way with the mysql extensions for php. 1. Add mariadb repository on CentOS MariaDB is not available in the default repositories of CentOS, so we have to first add the repositories provided by MariaDB. MariaDB provides repositories for distros including ubuntu, centos, debian, fedora. Visit the following site It is the repository generator. Select your linux distro, version and architecture. It would then give instructions for adding the repository. 5.5 or 10 MariDB comes in 2 series. First is the 5.5 and the other is the newer 10.0 series. The 10.0 series has new features not present in either mysql or previous versions of mariadb. Check out the features...

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Install MariaDB on CentOS 6.4

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