June 11, 2015

Install Monit (process and service monitoring tool) on Ubuntu/Debian

Monit - process and service monitoring tool for Linux
Services on any server need to be up and running and do what they are supposed to do. Automated monitoring is a great aid when it comes to ensuring and maximizing the uptime and availability of all these services.
It allows system administrators to get notified and fix problems as soon as possible with minimal interruption.
In this post we are going to play with a tool called Monit that can monitor services and processes on a server and send out alert emails when anything fails.
The tool itself is quite light weight and allows users to write "tests" using a very simple script style language.
Install Monit
On Debian and Ubuntu based systems Monit is available in the default repositories. Install using apt-get
$ sudo apt-get install monit
After installation monit would start as a background service and can be verified with the following command
# service monit status
* monit is running
The next thing to do is configure monit to monitor specific things. The configuration file for Monit is located at /etc/monit/monitrc on Ubuntu and Debian based systems.
You can either add all configurations to this file - /etc/monit/monitrc, or create additional configuration files in the /etc/monit/conf.d/...

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Install Monit (process and service monitoring tool) on Ubuntu/Debian

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