January 8, 2014

Inxi is an amazing tool to check hardware information on Linux

A very common thing linux users struggle with is to find what hardware has the OS detected and how well. Because unless the OS is aware of the hardware, it might not be using it at all. And there an entire ocean of commands to check hardware information.
There are quite a few gui tools like hardinfo, sysinfo etc on the desktop, but having a generic command line tool is far more useful and this is where Inxi works well. Inxi is a set of scripts that will detect a whole lot of information about the hardware, including vendor details, device driver configuration etc. And most importantly, it will print everything in a easy to read format.
Install inxi
Inxi is there in the default repos of most distros so just get it quick
# Ubuntu/Debian users
$ sudo apt-get install inxi

# CentOS/Fedora users
$ sudo yum install inxi
If inxi is not present on your distro, then install it by following the instructions here
Using inxi
Inxi comes with a huge list of options that will display more and more information about different hardware parts as much possible. So in this post we shall cover just some basics to get started and the rest you can explore.
1. Run...

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Inxi is an amazing tool to check hardware information on Linux

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