November 20, 2013

Join Linux Foundation, Advance Linux and Help a Penguin

Linux Foundation Ind Membership HolidayThe Linux Foundation today is kicking off its Holiday Individual Membership Drive. We will be donating $25 to the World Wildlife Fund for the emperor penguin for each individual member who joins The Linux Foundation today through December 10, 2013.

We try twice a year to give new members the opportunity to receive even more perks than they already get with individual membership - like employee purchase pricing on Dell, Lenovo and HP; a email address; discounts on books, etc. This year for our Holiday Drive, we want to help rally the community to give back to the penguin that represents what so many of us care so deeply about: Linux.

Let's put Tux on our collective holiday list!

What better way to support the causes you care most about this holiday season than by joining The Linux Foundation, advancing Linux and helping out the cute animal that is synonymous with the operating system that is changing so many lives? The emperor penguins live on the floating ice packs and islands of Antarctica, and climate change is creating habitat loss and great risks for these animals. A portion of your membership fees put together could make a real difference.

We invite you to help us support two important causes this year: Linux and the habitat for the emperor penguin. We already know that together we can accomplish anything, so let's move Linux forward into the New Year while protecting the penguin that we love this holiday season. Join The Linux Foundation today and support Linux, Linux creator Linus Torvalds and the emperor penguin.

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