June 15, 2010

Just some starter thoughts

Hi, my name is Jordan Tryon. This is my first blog post on Linux.com. This post will contain some thoughts about linux and other oss projects. By the way, do not want flame war, so if you think I am stupid or wrong. Say it nicely without hating!

1. So I think that Reactos was and kinda still is a good idea. I mean it was trying to free the biggest non-open source  OS in the word, but where did it go wrong? My opinion is how they started out. Why start from scratch? Wouldn't it make more sense to use the Linux as a building ground, then you get the best of both worlds. Linux binarys and Windows binarys. Yes true it wouldn't be true clone or whatever of NT but hey it would get what most people wanted, a stand alone OS that doesn't require you to install wine (which I love) that will let them get away from Microsoft's OS. It would also speed up development, this question has probably already been answered. Can some one please comment and Enlighten me :)

2. Ubuntu is great, I know some of you may say not, but I like it. It sure does have a few bad things in it. But hey it has support out of this world and apps like never before. It's clean and boots fast, updates are normal and it's easy to use. I use to use Slackware 11-13 but i was unsatisfied with the packaging system. Why was it so hard to get packages? There needed to be place were one could just type in a name and get the source or pre-built. Like Synaptic. I know how good it was for me to build and install from source, but to find the source was hard enough. I did like the command line though. There are a few things I hate about Ubuntu. What's up with the whole windcatiors and moving the close button, wow you guys may have scared a few newbies away. It makes no sense. why not just put them on the left? Leave the close button alone. I let it be for a month or two and hated it, and changed it back. I have a few more things but that will be for another post.


Feed back welcome, sorry if this offends you or you think it is pointless. Just a blog about what I think, maybe wrong. But hey it's what I think. Hope to have comments :)



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