March 7, 2010

MOSS Magazine Issue #3 - March 2010

Maldives Open Source Society (MOSS) would like to welcome you to another interesting issue of MOSS! We hope you all enjoyed reading our last two issues. We are definitely excited to release another issue.

We are creating this monthly magazine, MOSS, to help everyone find the possibilities of free libre open source software (FLOSS), something that fills a void in the Information Technology arena in Maldives for the highly sought-after, intelligent fans.

Our team is growing and this time we are fortified with a new member. Together and spirited involvement has brought a definite, intelligent vitality to the magazine, and has emphasized the strong collaboration between MOSS members. This issue is a result of a lot of individuals so join us in thanking all of them!

This issue contains many articles of various tastes. We hope you will enjoy the stimulating and enlightenment when reading this issue.

We hope you are already learning the wonders and amazement of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) and making good use of it. So go ahead and Download the third issue.

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