July 28, 2010

New Benefits for Linux Foundation Members

We are extremely lucky to have the support of so many who are individual members of the Linux Foundation. Their  $99/year membership helps ensure we can continue  protecting, promoting and advancing Linux and support the work of Linus Torvalds himself.

I did a poll of our members earlier this year and found, unsurprisingly, that even though members appreciate our many benefits, overwhelmingly people are members simply because they value Linux and want to support our programs so it remains free, strong and neutral.

But since we truly value the support we receive,  we are always looking for practical ways to deliver value to our members. I am pleased to report we have greatly expanded the Employee Purchase Pricing discounts available for Dell, Lenovo and HP to those living outside of the US. Our staff worked hard to make sure our friends in Europe,  Australia and more can now use these discounts to purchase computers from these manufacturers. You can see a complete matrix of these discounts here.

On the fun side, we have also added a new T-shirt that members can now choose from to proclaim their support of Linux. I think this is one of the coolest shirts we’ve offered at the Linux Foundation, either online, at our events or through membership. I hope you think so too.

So if you care about the protection of Linux, please consider joining as an individual member or feel free to email me with your thoughts and ideas for the program.

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