October 23, 2009

New isn't always better?

 My problem with my web cam was actually with Skype after upgrading, Before, all was well.. so I went backwards to see if anything changes. I have nothing against progress, but if something works, why change it. I like the 8.04 version. It's a lot simpler, not so many applications- many of which I don't need or don't understand.  I am not a computer programmer. What I know is from experimenting... mostly trial and error. More error! We learn more from our mistakes. 

I'll  give the  web cam a try this week end when I talk with my sons. If it works I'll post it. ( I came upon this in one of the forums.  Where someone said that the webcam  worked fine in a previous distribution,  but not in  a recent update. )   If this is the case, I will have solved the last of my problems, and will have become a faithful Linux/ Ubuntu user. Also I went back to the debian version of skype instead of Ubuntu 9.04, which was beta. I might return to the newer versions in the future, when I learn more.

It's nice to have choices.  It is also nice to be able to  experiment. I feel that I play  an important part in designing  something that is suitable for me. I have learned more about IT through Linux, than any other OS, and have taken a more active interest in OS's that in the past. I have surpassed my cousin,  who has studied computer programming in  university, and now I think he's jealous. He looks at me differently. This was made possible by reading various forums and sites, like this one. Thanks  for being here.  Keep up the updates, even if I don't. (I have a collection of all the distributions, so if I feel adventurous, or  get bored....I can change.

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