June 15, 2009

NEWB's adventures's in Linux From Scratch

Hello again,

   This would be funny if I were intending to humor the readers of this blog.  Seems I go from one fiasco to another.  Not to disappoint, :)   My latest attempt ends in yet another failure.   I got as far as "/sbin/udevstart" in chapter 8 . Before I got my latest failure,  I was following the stop resume txt  listed in the readme from the cd and it called for that command to resume the build but I didn't have a file called "sbin/udevstart". Now that file according to the README is in regards to older versions of LFS so I'm not really sure if I'm supposed to have udevstart in this version of LFS. I googled it and in older versions they found the install of Udev omitted the install of udevstart. I did both find and locate and couldn't see anything other than udevd in my file system. So just to see if that was it I ran udevd start at the command prompt "already running" so I continued to resume and then tried to run kernel config and got another error when trying to run "make menuconfig" Anyways I believe that somehow I've messed up yet again....  I 'm not sure if it's to do with "strip" command in the last chapter or if I resumed wrong?  so I figure well I backed up my system so I retreive the tarball and guess what?.... this newbie screwed up yet again!!!!!!. dammit man..... I backed up just the "tools" dir... I have the base backed up already this tarball is no good, was supposed to be the entire /mnt/lfs/ directory  NOT :(  I'm not sure which I'm starting to look more like at this point ? moe, larry, or curly??? :)

    As much care as I've taken this last attempt to install LFS by writing down each step of each package , I'm sure that I did all the packages right. However I'm conserned that I stopped and resumed correctly. With that in mind I took the past 4-5 hours trying to get "hibernate" to work on my machine.  It seems that won't help me as there must be a bug in my bios as I had to do " pnpbios=off and acpi=off just to get the screen to reappear. You see I was getting errors when I 'd try to hibernate so I added the pnpbios command as the computer screens "comment" recommended... no more hibernate halt errors. Now when it restarted,  I could use the mouse none of the windows would move. It did capture everything that was on the screen at the command of hibernate.  It would have been nice to inform us that the extra swap you make so you can run hibernate on an isolated partition would have to be manually turned on each boot.

  Maybe next time I 'll do something funnier. :)

If at first you don't succeed try, try again :)).... and again and again. :)

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