January 9, 2014

Nmon – A Nifty Little Tool to Monitor System Resources on Linux

Nmon (Nigel's performance Monitor for Linux) is another very useful command line utility that can display information about various system resources like cpu, memory, disk, network etc. It was developed at IBM and later released open source.
It is available for most common architectures like x86, ARM and platforms like linux, unix etc. It is interactive and the output is well organised similar to htop.
Using Nmon it is possible to view the performance of different system resources on a single screen.
The man page describes nmon as
nmon is is a systems administrator, tuner, benchmark tool. It can display the CPU, memory, network, disks (mini graphs or numbers), file systems, NFS, top processes, resources (Linux version & processors) and on Power micro-partition information.
Project website
Install Nmon
Debian/Ubuntu type distros have nmon in the default repos, so grab it with apt.
$ sudo apt-get install nmon
Fedora users can get it with yum
$ sudo yum install nmon
CentOS users need to install nmon from rpmforge/repoforge repository. It is not present in Epel.
Either download the correct rpm installer from
Or setup the rpmforge repository by following the instructions here
And then install using yum
$ sudo yum install nmon
View cpu, memory, network usage
Using nmon requires no effort at all. Just...

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Nmon – A nifty little tool to monitor system resources on Linux

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