November 30, 2013

Setup Apache 2.4 and Php FPM with mod proxy fcgi on Ubuntu 13.10

The module mod_proxy_fcgi is a new one and it allows apache to connect to/forward requests to an external fastcgi process manager like php fpm. This allows for a complete separation between the running of php scripts and Apache. Earlier we had to use modules like mod_fcgid and mod_fastcgi which all had some limitations. Mod_fcgid for example did not properly utilise the process management capability of php-cgi whereas mod_fastcgi is a third party module.
With the arrival of mod_proxy_fcgi Apache finally gets the ability to neatly talk to external fastcgi process managers making it more efficient at the task. Delegating php requests to external fpm servers greatly reduces the load on web servers like apache resulting into efficient utilisation of machine resources and faster processing speed for users on the other end. Along with all that, php fpm can run opcode caching engines like apc in a very stable manner.
So in this post, our task is to setup apache + php-fpm using the mod_proxy_fcgi connector.
1. Setup Apache
Ubuntu 13.10 already ships with apache 2.4 so all installables are in the repository itself.
Install Apache if not already done
$ sudo apt-get install apache2
Enable mod_proxy_fcgi
$ sudo a2enmod proxy_fcgi
Considering dependency proxy for proxy_fcgi:
Enabling module proxy.
Enabling module proxy_fcgi.

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Setup Apache 2.4 and Php FPM with mod proxy fcgi on Ubuntu 13.10

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