March 28, 2014

Setup mail forwarding in postfix on Ubuntu or Debian

Postfix mail forwarding
Postfix is a commonly used MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) program that can receive, deliver or route emails. So if you have your own domain and a server then using postfix you can setup emails on the domain like
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Setting up a full featured mail server with postfix is a lengthy process requiring quite some effort. Furthermore, using your own mail server you do miss out the convenience and features of the popular free email services like gmail or hotmail. One way is to use google's paid service to integrate gmail with the domain email.
Alternatively, setup your webserver to forward all mails coming on your domain email, to your other address like gmail. Doing so would allow you to accept mails on your personal domain emails, making it look professional and at the same time use gmail service to access the same and enjoy the convenience of gmail too.
So this post shows how to setup mail forwarding on a Debian or Ubuntu server using the postfix program. For other distros like CentOS and Fedora too, the steps are nearly the same.
Install Postfix
Installation is super quick. Postfix is there in the default repos, so just use apt-get to...

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Setup mail forwarding in postfix on Ubuntu or Debian

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