July 28, 2009

Support the Linux Community Every Time You Shop

In the year since I began working for the Linux Foundation, it's become stunningly clear this is one of those organizations that doesn't stop working.Â¬â  Ever.

Every day, the staff here is planning and implementing plans to advocate and defend the Linux operating system in an ever-changing environment.Â¬â  Even more clear is how responsive the Linux Foundation is to community and developer input.Â¬â  For example, The Linux Training program started as a result of requests from the Technical Advisory Board, which consists of community-elected Linux developers; the Individual Membership program was revamped to gain broader community input in the governance and support of the Linux Foundation, while sharing benefits with the community; and our new LinuxCon event was created in response to requests for a conference that focuses on "All things Linux" without the trade show glitz.


So, today, we're responding again: this time to individuals who have asked us for additional ways to support the community directly. In response, we have created the Linux Foundation Visa Platinum credit card for those who want to help advance the Linux community.Â¬â  All funds raised--down to the last penny--from this program will go directly toward providing community technical events and travel grants for open source community members in order to advance Linux innovation.

The Linux Foundation has partnered with CardPartner, Inc. to offer an affinity Visa Linux credit card through UMB Bank to those who qualify. For every card activation, the LF will receive US$50, as well as a percentage of every purchase made with the credit card.

Like our individual membership program, we have worked hard to make this Visa card a win-win for participants.Â¬â  Just as with the Individual Membership program members get great benefits, so too will card holders with the Visa card.Â¬â  First off, the card itself is free with no annual fee, so there's no cost to join or maintain the card. Cardholders can also earn bonus points redeemable towards free merchandise, airline tickets, and more at hundreds of online and neighborhood retailers.

Other important card member features include:

  • 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first six months
  • Purchase protection
  • Zero liability protection for unauthorized purchases
  • Emergency cash and card replacement
  • Lost/stolen card reporting service
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Warranty manager service
  • Lost luggage replacement


There is one caveat to all of this: for now, the card is only available to US residents, so non US residents will have to wait until we can get this program expanded. If you have questions about this or any aspect of the program, check out our FAQ.

So, if you are a US resident who also thinks this is a cool way to directly support the Linux community, please apply today.Â¬â  It's a great way to channel a piece of your everyday purchases towards the community that creates your favorite operating system.

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