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Linux certifications allow Linux professionals to demonstrate formal training and expertise. While not required to begin or advance a Linux career, certifications can be helpful in putting your resume on the top of the pile. There are a variety of providers for Linux certifications. Linux Professional Institute offers a general certification, while Red Hat, SUSE and Oracle all have certifications custom to their Linux distributions. When choosing a Linux certification program, here are the top three things to consider:

  • A respected authority. Is the certification provider credible? Will a certification from the organization be widely recognized?
  • Distribution. Does the certification align with the primary distribution that you use? How well do you know the distribution it's testing on?
  • Cost. Is the exam affordable? What is included in the cost and what are the unforeseen expenses such as travel or materials?

Five respected Linux certification programs include:

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Why Train for Linux Certification?

The Linux Foundation’s new certification program, announced last month, represents its latest push to boost IT workers’ job prospects and help...
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New Certification Program Helps Linux Pros Show What They Know

Last week at LinuxCon and CloudOpen, the Linux Foundation announced a new certification program that aims to make it easier for Linux professionals...
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CoreOS Certification and Training Now Available

In partnership with the Linux Foundation, CoreOS is now offering an online certification class to become a CoreOS specialist. The online exam is a...
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Should I Let A Certification Expire If I Don't Work With It Anymore?

We'll say from the outset that the answer to this question is "It depends." More clearly though, it depends heavily on the certifications you have,...
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Are More Employers Willing to Pay for Certifications?

The overall value of certifications is rising, which can put added pressure on job seekers to make sure their credentials are up to snuff. The good...
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Mirantis Launches Advanced OpenStack Certification

Mirantis has announced a new, upper-level OpenStack open source cloud computing training and certification offering. Read more at The VAR Guy.
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Free Online Courses Abound to Help You Bone Up on Linux, SDN and More

Massive open online courses offer IT professionals the opportunity to learn about some of the tech industry's most in-demand and current topics for...
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Review of the First Three Johns Hopkins Coursera Data Science Courses

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LPI's New Course to Cater to Linux Newbies

As the use of GNU/Linux grows and spreads, training has become more and more of a necessity if one wants to join the burgeoning ranks of...
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SUSE and Red Hat Training, New Linux "Flaw," and Fedora Changes

Red Hat and SUSE announced new training courses recently. Today Red Hat announced training for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. The...
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