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Open Container Initiative Launches a Container Image Format Spec

The Open Container Initiative (OCI) has taken the next step in establishing a standards base for the emerging container ecosystem. The organization has launched a project to establish a container image format specification. As a follow-up to the container runtime standard OCI is working on, open...
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Denver, Colorado skyline
MesosCon North America will take place June 1-2 in Denver, CO.

Apache Spark and Vsync Creators to Keynote at MesosCon 2016

The Linux Foundation today announced the lineup of keynote speakers and educational sessions for MesosCon North America. The Mesos community will gather June 1-2 in Denver, CO for a full two days of conference sessions, keynotes, evening events and a hackathon to learn more about the Apache Mesos...
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10 Cloud Jobs In Highest Demand Now

Companies are increasingly turning toward the cloud and need to hire workers who can help them get there. Here are the top 10 cloud positions in demand, some of which may surprise you. In a study of online job ads that were posted between Feb. 15 and March 15, the term "cloud" appeared in 460,000...
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Weaveworks Embraces Container Network Interface for SDN

Weaveworks is now embracing the new Container Networking Interface (CNI) standard used by Kubernetes. With Weave Net 1.5 which is officially being released today, Weave Net goes beyond its Docker container roots. That said Docker and CNI are not exactly polar opposites either. Weaveworks COO Mathew...
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DataStax Unveils an Enterprise Graph Database Built From Cassandra and TitanDB

In its bid to make Cassandra the go-to database of choice for a wide array of uses, DataStax is launching DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph, a scale-out graph database for cloud applications based on Cassandra and additional graph database technology the company acquired last year. For the new...
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Container orchestration tools help enterprises integrate and manage containers at scale.
Container orchestration tools help enterprises integrate and manage containers at scale.

8 Container Orchestration Tools to Know

A previous article on next-generation cloud technologies listed container orchestration as one of the emerging technologies to know. As the use of containers increases and organizations deploy them more widely, the need for tools to manage containers across the infrastructure also increases....
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Hortonworks Announces New Alliances and Releases; Hadoop Comes to Fork in Road

As Hortonworks' Hadoop Summit event kicks off in Dublin today, the Hadoop distribution vendor has a full slate of announcements. The announcements themselves are substantial and impressive, and I'll cover each of them here. As you read through them, however, keep in mind that they at once highlight...
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5 Reasons to Use Docker for Productivity Software Installation

When Docker brought new life to Linux containers at the beginning of 2013, the technology quickly gained popularity among software developers. Today Docker has millions of container downloads, thousands of community contributors, and countless third party projects who are using it. What explains...
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Cloud Computing Infrastructure Spending to Surge, Says IDC

Public cloud will grow faster than private cloud infrastructure spending as traditional data center demand downshifts.
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A Closer Look into Google Stackdriver

Last month at GCP Next conference, Google announced the public beta of Stackdriver cloud monitoring and logging service. It is designed to be a hybrid monitoring service spanning both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. After launching Compute Engine in 2012, Google moved fast in adding...
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